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Range: Halfbloods are native to Barashi. They primarily live near their parent species, elves and humans. They are the most common species in the nation of Restron.
Lifespan: 819 Elcenian years (600 Barashin years)

Halfbloods look just like elves, except with shorter ears that sit closer to the head (or, just like humans, except with points on their ears). They are a cross between these species, but they breed absolutely true: anyone with a halfblood parent will be a halfblood, regardless of whether the other parent was another halfblood, or an elf or human. Restron is the only country that is composed almost exclusively of halfbloods; elsewhere in the world, they live alongside elves, humans, and whatever else is locally common. Most speak Martisen or Eashiri, but they may also pick up less popular local languages.

Because halfbloods breed true, they have developed several distinct ethnic groups of their own, although many halfbloods are early-generation mixes of various sorts. The uniquely halfblood ethnicities are:

  • Calephyrian: Native to Kyne. Derived predominantly from Bysharrel human and Dusk elf ancestors. Dark brown skin; black hair (curly or wooly); black or brown eyes.
  • Fyrran: Native to Luyt, with significant dispersal. Derived predominantly from Luytian human and Dusk elf ancestors. Olive skin; black or dark brown hair (curly); brown eyes.
  • Keshtin: Native to Trysterra. Derived predominantly from Dayran human and Dawn elf ancestors. Medium to light brown skin; brown hair; hazel or green eyes.
  • Restron Common: Found predominantly, but not exclusively, in Restron. Derived predominantly from Highland and Penninsular human ancestors and Dawn elf ancestors. Pale to dark tan skin; red, brown, or blonde hair (straight or wavy); blue, brown, hazel, or green eyes.