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Garrytt Pery a Casten
GAR-it KAS-ten

Fyrran halfblood
Born in 24743BY in Restron, Barashi. As of 11251EY, Garryt still lives there.
Immediate Family (Partial List): Asy (wife), Coryl (daughter), Talyn (son), Abel (son), Erryl (son), Cyranna (daughter), seven other sons (Kamyn, Stryll, Rhylder, Karstyn, Pyre, Daryl, and Damon), seven other daughters (Ranel, Sharyll, Analla, Arylla, Cerysa, Kyra, and Myra)

Garrytt is Talyn's father and Revenn's grandson. He works as a paleoanthropologist.