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Barashin Elf
Range: Elves are native to Barashi. They primarily live in Trysterra, Kyne, Luyt, and Psahry.
Lifespan: 1,365 Elcenian years (1,000 Barashin years)

This article is about the Barashin species. For the Elcenian species of the same name, see Elcenian elves. Elves look mostly human, but they average a couple inches shorter, are usually slimmer, and have long, pointed ears which stand out a bit from the head in most individuals. They have a reputation for turning out artisans and other creative types, but historically have produced formidable armies and empires as well. Elves care a great deal about tradition and are uncomfortable with change; they can be reactionary in their politics and personal preferences.

A significant minority (about 20%) of elves exhibit eidetic memory, either auditory or visual but rarely both. This ability requires practice to be reliably usable, although it will function intermittently for untrained possessors.

Elves include the following ethnic subgroups, which approach exhaustion:

  • Dawn: Native to Kyne and Trysterra. Pale skin; red, blonde, white, or light brown hair; green, hazel, gold, or blue eyes.
  • Dusk: Native to Luyt and Psahry. Medium to dark brown skin; dark brown, dark gray, or black hair; black, gray, or brown eyes.

The following characters are Barashin elves: