This story began in 2006 as a freeform roleplaying game between me (Alicorn) and my best friend (Tethys): she was Rhysel, and I was all the Elcenians. At first that was all it was intended to be.

Then we started showing friends our chatlogs.

They liked the story we were building, and so we kept on with a view towards eventual publishing. In 2008, we launched a serial fiction version of the story. Eventually, a combination of flagging interest from Tethys and the audience led to missed updates and Tethys bowing out. I decided to revive the project - starting over from the beginning, keeping the plot and characters but redoing all the prose. Even if you read the first version and weren't impressed, give this one a try: I've matured as a writer and this time, there won't be so many artifacts of the original roleplaying game nature of the storyline. If you read the first version and were impressed, you'll like this, too.

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