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Gyre Dyrnlen Camlenn
GY-er KAM-len

Halfblood (half Highland human, half Dawn elf)
Born in 24833 in Aristan, Barashi. As of 11252EY, Gyre has moved elsewhere in Aristan.
Immediate Family: Allera (mother), Tem (father), Ryll (older sister), Jenner (older brother), Batai (older brother), Tennel (older brother), Rhysel (older sister), Myret (twin sister), Ehail (wife), Rithka (adoptive daughter), Cenem (adoptive daughter), Kenar (temporary adoptive son), Mallyn (adoptive son), Nemaar (son), Arel (daughter)

Gyre is Rhysel's brother.

Gyre appears on this family tree.

Gyre is a main character in Silver and a secondary character in Siaddaki.