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Ryll Cerysa Camlenn y Rysen

Halfblood (half Highland human, half Dawn elf)
Born in 24821 in Aristan, Barashi. As of 11252EY, Ryll still lives there.
Immediate Family: Allera (mother), Tem (father), Jenner (younger brother), Batai (younger brother), Tennel (younger brother), Rhysel (younger sister), Myret (younger sister), Gyre (younger brother), Lerrel (husband), Tyrrel (son), Garyn (son), Leyf (son), Sel (daughter), Vianne (daughter), Taala (adoptive daughter), Apran (adoptive son)

Ryll is Rhysel's sister. She is in the Aristanian Parliament.

Ryll appears on this family tree.