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Barashin Languages

Barashi has unusually little linguistic diversity considering its population and geographical spread. The "big three" languages, Martisen, Eashiri, and Trollspeak, are jointly sufficient to get along virtually anywhere in the world. Other languages exist, but are spoken only by local populations that tend to also know at least one of the others.

Martisen is spoken as the primary language on most of Kyne. It has its origins in the elven empire that originally spanned that continent and Luyt, where it is still spoken in many regions as well.

Eashiri is spoken in Kesiya-lath and throughout Trysterra, and is also preferred as the scholarly language of kyma. It is originally a fairy language and gained its currency through the high proportion of fairy kyma who survived the purge and had access to old knowledge.

Trollspeak is the common language of trolls and most goblins, and the dominant language on Psahry. It has always been primarily a troll language, but became the lingua franca of their nearest neighbors as well over time.

Other languages exist but will not be decribed here, except to note the existence of Myllen's Trade Language; this is a creole of the above Big Three with limited vocabulary for anything other than trade goods and currency.

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