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Rhysel Allera Camlenn
RYE-sell ah-LEH-rah KAM-len

Halfblood (half Highland human, half Dawn elf)
Born on 12 Pyrkevest of 24830BY in Tyren, Aristan, Barashi. As of 11251EY, Rhysel has no permanent residence she can accesslives in Paraasilan, Esmaar, Elcenia.
Immediate Family: Allera (mother), Tem (father), Ryll (older sister), Jenner (older brother), Batai (older brother), Tennel (older brother), Myret (younger sister), Gyre (younger brother), Eryn (blood sister), Tekaal (husband), Keo (blood sister), Aaris (daughter), Kaarel (daughter), Reven (son)

Rhysel grew up in Tyren, Aristan, with her parents and siblings. She apprenticed under her father, studying sculpture. In 24845, she manifested as a spontaneous caster and unwittingly did considerable property damage until she was packed off to Restron to study under Revenn. She finished her apprenticeship, specializing in elemental kamai, in 24856, and then set up as the resident kama in the town of Dyran, Restron.

In 11251EY (24868BY), Rhysel was summoned from her home in Barashi to the dorm room at Binaaralav Academy belonging to Korulen and Saasnil. They were insufficiently trained in wizardry to acqiure the power needed to send her back safely, and so Rhysel was obliged to remain in Elcenia until a spell was invented to reset her homeworld in 11252EY, rendering the active summoning spell inapplicable.

In Elcenia, Rhysel traveled to several different locations with Narax, but after his presumed-dead wife Samia turned up alive, Rhysel ended the trip and settled in Paraasilan, Esmaar, where she had been summoned. There, she continued her kamai research, successfully developed an infusion process that allowed people not born with kamai abilities to acquire them. Her first test subject, and co-teacher in the ensuing kamai program at Binaaralav, was Tekaal. She discovered by accident that he harbored romantic feelings for her, and the two began dating; they married in 11253.

Although Rhysel's initial specialty was elemental kamai, she also began studying the mind and death aspects to be able to teach them to her students. Rhysel is a talented sculptor and cook with or without magic, but completely tone-deaf. She is left-handed.

In addition to the above immediate family relationships and those that appear on the tree linked below, Rhysel is Kanaat's employee, Eret and Theedy's employer and landlady, Talyn's Master, and a teacher to all of the Binaaralav students of kamai.

Rhysel appears on this family tree.

Rhysel is the protagonist of Summons.