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Talyn Dalenn Casten
TAH-lin KAS-ten

Fyrran halfblood
Born on 40 Sykevest of 24854 in Kalelifar, Restron, Barashi. As of 11251EY, Talyn livesd in Aydin, Restron, Barashi. In late 11251EY, he moved to join Rhysel as her apprentice and began living in Paraasilan, Esmaar.
Immediate Family: Garrytt (father), Astyrell (mother), Coryl (older sister), Abel (younger brother), Erryl (younger brother), Cyranna (younger sister), seven older brothers (Kamyn, Stryll, Rhylder, Karstyn, Pyre, Daryl, and Damon), seven other older sisters (Ranel, Sharyll, Analla, Arylla, Cerysa, Kyra, and Myra)

Talyn grew up in Kalelifar, Restron, with his parents and the four youngest of his siblings Coryl, Abel, Eryll, and Cyranna. In 24959, Talyn apprenticed with his patrilineal great-great-grandfather, Revenn, to study kamai. When Revenn died, Talyn took on Rhysel as his new Master and moved into her tower in Paraasilan, Esmaar.

Talyn is an innate kama, the youngest of only ten known to exist on Barashi. This gives him special intuitive abilities with kamai.

In addition to the above immediate family relationships, Talyn is Revenn's former apprentice and great-great-grandson, and Leekath's boyfriendfiancé, and Rhysel's live-in apprentice.

Talyn is a secondary character in Summons and the protagonist of Blood.