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Korulen Inular
KOH-roo-len IN-oo-lar

Western elf jade thudiaJade dragon
Born on Marahel 13 of 11209 in Paraasilan, Esmaar, Elcenia. As of 11251, Korulen still lives in Paraasilan.
Immediate Family: Keo (mother), Kanaat (father), Runa (younger sister)

Korulen grew up with her parents in Binaaralav Academy in Paraasilan, Esmaar, where her father is headmaster. In 11245, she began studying wizardry and moved from the headmaster's quarters into the dormitories. Her younger sister hatched in 11251. Also in 11251, Korulen and her roommate at the time Saasnil cast a summoning spell to impress a classmate and, in so doing, trapped Rhysel in Elcenia. When Rhysel established a kamai program at Binaaralav, Korulen was one of the first to join. Later on, via a favor Keo received from the goddess Arimal, Korulen was turned into a dragon instead of a thudia.

Korulen is allergic to peaches. She has learned one form of her available five, that of a Western elf (pictured). It is identical to the elf form she had prior to her species change.

In addition to the above immediate family members and those that appear on the tree linked below, Korulen is Saasnil's roommate and Kaylo's girlfriend.

Korulen appears on this family tree.

Korulen is a secondary character in Summons and a main character in Empaths.