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Naraxalartsukeraemershaokerialnersamro, "Narax"
NA-raks a-LAR tsu-KEE-ra-EM-er-shao-KER-yal-ner-SAM-ro

Jade dragon
Hatched on Rohel 45 of 11005 in Inda, Corenta, Elcenia. As of 11251, Narax lives in Kataar, Imilaat, ElceniaParaasilan, Esmaar, Elcenia.
Immediate Family: Tsuan (mother), Kilaer (father), Keo (older sister), Vara (older sister), Ilen (older brother), Samia (deceased wifeex-wife), Alyah (daughter)

Narax grew up in Inda, Corenta, and from 11025-11085, in Egeria, with his parents and sisters. In 11232, he went to the University of Nenise in Ertydo to study wizardry. There, he met his friend Neris, and also Samia. He and Samia began dating, and they were mindlinked by Keo in 11240 and married in 11241, after Samia graduated. The day after their wedding, Samia's ex-boyfriend attacked both with a memory-shredding spell. Keo was able to protect Narax from the effects, but Samia was affected and diedand, due to the interference of an acquaintance, presumed dead for ten years.

Samia reappeared in 11251, and she and Narax were reunited. They resumed their relationship, moved to Paraasilan, Esmaar together, and Samia became pregnant with their daughter Alyah. However, subsequently the mindlink was shattered under an irreconcilable disagreement, and the pair went on to divorce, swapping their daughter (born Nidhel 31, 11251) between them once monthly.

Narax has two adopted forms learned out of his maxiumum five: a human form of apparent Praling ethnicity (pictured) and a beetle. He has a familiar, a Corenta Red drake named Onion. Narax is the inventor of the spell globe.

In addition to the above immediate family relationships and those that appear on the tree linked below, Narax is Neris's best friend and Maeris's cousin.

Narax appears on this family tree.

Narax is a main character in Summons and in Empaths.