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Samia Taidan
SAM-ee-ah TIE-dan

Ertydon Elcenian human
Born on Sutaahel 48 of 11215 in Loel, Ertydo, Elcenia. As of 11251, Samia is deadlived in a mental hospital in Egeria, Elcenia. Later in 11251, she found Narax and lived with him, first in Imilaat and later in Esmaar. After their divorce she moved to her birthplace, Loel.
Immediate Family: Elaisa Lutra Taidan Beria (mother; deceased), Than Taidan (father), Romeng Taidan (older brother), Noan Taidan (older brother), Sholen Beria (stepfather), Koler Beria (younger half-brother), Narax (husband), Alyah (daughter)

Samia grew up with her parents and older brothers in Loel, Ertydo, until her father left the family in 11221. Samia's mother remarried and Samia's half-brother was born. In 11234, Samia was awarded a scholarship to the University of Nenise, where she studied wizardry. At school, she met and began dating Narax, to whom she was mindlinked in 11240 by his sister Keo, and whom she married in 11241 just after her graduation. The day after their wedding, Samia's ex-boyfriend, Rellen, attacked both her and Narax with a memory-shredding spell. Keo was in contact with Narax at the time and able to protect him from the effects, but Samia was affected to the point that the mindlink was terminated and she died. She was transported by an acquaintance of hers who, due to Ertydon anti-dragon sentiment, wished to keep Samia away from her husband.

Presumed dead for ten years by friends and family, Samia slowly regained continuity of memory, and in 11251 she stowed away on a boat which took her to Denlan, Imilaat. From there she was able to communicate with port authorities well enough that they conducted her to her husband's home. They were reunited and re-mindlinked, and Keo repaired Samia's memory, and soon Samia became pregnant with Alyah, their jade-human thudia daughter. However, the mindlink was later severed over unresolveable discord, the couple divorced, and Samia returned to live in Ertydo with her stepfather. Alyah was born Nidhel 31, 11251, and Samia and Narax exchange their daughter once a month.

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Samia is a backgroundmain character in Summons.