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Keopygavakilshelarinebna'achithkanlensel, "Keo"
KEE-oh PIE-gah vah-kill-SHELL-ar-in-eb-NAH-ah-chith-KAHN-lehn-SELL

Unique jade dragon
Hatched on the spring equinox of 10902 in Inda, Corenta, Elcenia. Currently lives in Paraasilan, Esmaar, Elcenia.
Immediate Family: Tsuan (mother), Kilaer (father), Vara (clutchmate sister), Ilen (younger brother), Narax (younger brother), Kanaat (hubsand), Korulen (daughter), Runa (daughter), Rhysel (blood sister)

Keo grew up in her hatching place with her parents and siblingsand Vara, and later Narax, until she was 123. The family then moved to Egeria, where they spent sixty years before returning to Corenta. In 11198, Keo moved alone to Paraasilan, Esmaar. There, she worked at a bookstore for four years until she met and began dating Kanaat. He hired her as his personal assistant and she helped him with his work as the headmaster of Binaaralav Academy of Wizardry. Two years later, on Shuraahel 6, 11206, they married. A year and a half later, Keo joined herself and Kanaat in a permanent mindlink with her draconic magic, which gives them complete mutual access to one another's thoughts and memories.

Keo and Kanaat have two children: Korulen, a thudia born on Marahel 13, 11209, and Runa, a parunia hatched on Berehel 31, 11251.

Keo has learned two forms out of her maximum three: a human form (pictured) which appears to be of Mekandish ethnicity, and a mouse form. She enjoys spicy food, and plays the huan, which is an instrument consisting of a row of chimes, a row of bells, and a row of metal dishes, struck with mallets.

In addition to the above immediate family relationships and those that appear on the tree linked below, Keo is Maeris's cousin.

Keo appears on this family tree.

Keo is a main character in Summons and Empaths.