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Elcenian Human
Range Humans are native to Elcenia. (For the similar species native to Barashi, see Barashin human.) They live on all Elcenian continents.
Lifespan 100 Elcenian years (67 Barashin years)

This article is about the Elcenian species. For the Barashin species of the same name, see Barashin humans.

Humans are not the most common sentient species on Elcenia (that honor goes to sprites, followed by merfolk and fairies) but they are the most populous nonfey air-breathing sapients. Averaging 5'4" (women) or 5'10" (men), with a correspondingly broad spectrum of normal weights, they tend to be the standard to which their biological neighbors are compared. Humans live in virtually every terrestrial part of the world except those completely dominated by enclaves of one particular species. They have vast psychological diversity and memetic suggestibility, and are more strongly influenced by their local culture's standards (be that culture human or otherwise) than by any consistent biological predisposition.

Humans include the following notable ethnic subgroups, which may not be exhaustive but jointly constitute the majority of the population:

  • Atali: Nirlan and Pleia. Pale skin; brown hair (straight or loosely waved); blue, brown, or hazel eyes.
  • Coastal: South coastal Anaist. Olive skin, brown hair (straight or loosely waved); black or dark brown eyes.
  • Egerian: Egeria. Dark brown skin; black hair (wooly); black eyes.
  • Ertydon: Ertydo, Corenta, Rozarima. Olive to yellow-brown skin; dark brown or black hair (wavy); black or dark brown eyes (epicanthal folds).
  • Erubian: Erubia's outlying islands (originally from the mainland, mostly wiped out by elves) and Aqathe. Medium to dark brown skin; black hair (tight curls or ringlets); brown eyes.
  • Esmaarlan: Esmaar. Light brown skin; black hair (straight); brown, black, or occasionally hazel eyes.
  • Iraamlan: Iraam. Medium to light brown skin; black to dark brown hair (straight and thick); black eyes.
  • Linnipese: Linnip. Pale skin; red hair (straight or wavy); blue, green, or brown eyes (sometimes with epicanthal folds).
  • Mekandish: Mekand. Pale skin; blonde or brown hair (straight); blue, brown, or green eyes.
  • Mrynish: Mryne. Assorted subgroups of widely varying phenotype.
  • Petaran: Petar. Dark brown skin; black hair (curly or kinky); brown or occasionally amber eyes.
  • Praling: Eastern Anaist. Pale skin; black hair (straight); green or brown eyes.
  • Ryganaavlan: Ryganaav. Medium brown skin; black hair (straight or slightly wavy); black or brown eyes.
  • Saraanlan: Saraan. Light to medium brown skin; black or dark brown hair (thin and straight); brown eyes.
  • South Espaalan: Oridaan and Imilaat. This is a catchall term for the highly mixed humans found in the area. Brown skin (any shade); black to medium brown hair (any texture); eyes any color but usually brown.

The following characters are human: