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Ilenalar, "Ilen"
IH-lehn a-LAR

Jade shren
Hatched on 49 Shuraahel of 10963 on Kep Island, Petar, Elcenia. As of 11252, Ilen still lives on Kep Island.
Immediate Family: Not in contactKilaer (father), Tsuan (mother), Keo (older sister), Vara (older sister), Narax (younger brother)

Ilen was mailed as an egg to the Kep Island, Petar shren house. He was not picked up by his parents, and grew up there. As an adult he took on the job of watching the infant shrens during the day. In 11252, members of his family who had been previously unaware of his existence learned of him and he began to reconcile with them.

Ilen has learned twothree forms of his maximum five: a human form of apparent Praling ethnicity (pictured), a lion, and a moth.

In addition to the above immediate family relationships and those that appear on the tree linked below, Ilen is Hallai's boyfriend.

Ilen appears on this family tree (you must click to show spoilers to see him).

Ilen is the protagonist of Empaths.