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Mallyn CaryllenCamlenn
MAL-lin KAM-lenkah-RIL-len
Dawn elf
Born on Pyrkumest 30 of 24857BY in Aysin, Aristan, Barashi. As of 11252EY, Mallyn lives in Paraasilan, Esmaar, Elcenia.
Immediate Family: Myrren (birth father), Jyra (birth mother), Renn (younger brother), Lyrrae (younger sister), Ehail (adoptive mother), Gyre (adoptive father), Rithka (adoptive sister), Cenem (adoptive sister), Nemaar (adoptive brother), Arel (adoptive sister), Eralyn (younger sister)

Mallyn grew up on his birth parents' farm in Aysin, until he ran away from home and through the summoning circle to Esmaar and received asylum there. He was adopted by Gyre and Ehail.

Mallyn is a main character in Silver and the protagonist of Siaddaki.