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Silver shren
Hatched on Rohel 2 of 10589 on Kep Island, Petar, Elcenia. As of 11252, Ehail still lives on Kep Island.
Immediate Family(partial list): Not in contact.Phyrnahiral (mother), Sernetkaber (father), Miklarsernet (older brother), Prathukaber (clutchmate brother), Gyre (husband), Rithka (adoptive daughter), Cenem (adoptive daughter), Kenar (temporary adoptive son), Mallyn (adoptive son), Nemaar (son), Arel (daughter)

Ehail was shipped to the Kep Island, Petar shren house as an egg, and brought up there. In 10801, she left the island to enroll in the wizardry program at the Lypan Institute in Lypan, Reverni, disguising herself as a human. She graduated in 10809 and returned to the shren house.

In addition to performing miscellaneous spells for house residents, Ehail studies the properties and etiology of shrenness and related conditions. Ehail has learned twothree forms out of her maximum of ten: a human form of apparent Mekandish ethnicity (pictured), a tiger, and a bluejay.

Ehail is a secondary character in Summons, the protagonist of Silver, and a main character of Siaddaki.