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Kenargyrekoedh nynesimzil
Blue opal shren
Hatched on Rohel 49 of 11157 in Paraasilan, Esmaar, Elcenia. As of 11252, Kenar still lives there.
Immediate Family: Anaph (father), Inyne (mother), Tanzil (younger sister), Simnel (younger brother), Ehail (adoptive mother), Gyre (adoptive father), Rithka (adoptive younger sister), Cenem (adoptive younger sister), Mallyn (adoptive partial brother), Nemaar (adoptive partial brother), Arel (adoptive partial sister), Eralyn (adoptive partial sister)

Kenar grew up in the Paraasilan shren house until he was adopted by Gyre and Ehail. Shortly after the shren cure, his egg parents claimed him and he went to live with them in Nirlan.

Kenar has learned twothree forms out of his maximum of ten: a human of apparent Mekandish ethnicity (pictured), and a woodpecker, and a rabbit.

Kenar is a main character in Silver and a secondary character in Siaddaki.