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SEH-nehm LEN-rith
Jet shren
Hatched on Berehel 18 of 11216 in Paraasilan, Esmaar, Elcenia. As of 11252, Cenem still lives there.
Immediate Family: Marlii (egg mother), Lhenrath (egg father), Ehail (adoptive mother), Gyre (adoptive father), Rithka (adoptive sister), Kenar (partial adoptive brother), Mallyn (adoptive brother), Nemaar (adoptive brother), Arel (adoptive sister)

Cenem grew up in the Paraasilan shren house until she was adopted by Gyre and Ehail. Subsequent to the shren cure, her egg parents became part of her life.

Cenem has learned twothree forms out of her maximum of five: a human form of apparent Ertydon ethnicity (pictured), and a bee, and a horse.

Cenem is a main character in Silver and a secondary character in Siaddaki.