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Phyrnahiral nesidipamlingviowa dhceripletramiandohalisemi tsenserxaniquaves mikchefuothuesanirsash, "Phyrna"
FEER-na hee-RAL
Silver dragon
Born on Sutaahel 50 of 9450 in Thene, Mekand, Elcenia. As of 11252, Phyrna lives in Codess, Mekand, Elcenia.
Immediate Family (partial list): Sandahiral (mother), Zeritanhel (father), Sernetkaber (husband), Miklarsernet (son), Prathukaber (son), Ehail (daughter)

Phyrna has spent her entire life in various residences in Mekand. In 10497, she married Sernet.

Phyrna has five alternate forms: a human form of apparent Mekandish ethnicity (pictured), a halfling form of apparent Scattered Island ethnicity, a ptarmigan, a hare, and a nurse shark.