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Range: Shrens are a type of dragon. They live all over the world, but congregate in shren houses, which are located in Esmaar, Corenta, Petar, and Tenebirokalamikikek.
Lifespan: See dragon.

Shrens are dragons with an illness preventing them from being able to fly in their natural forms. (They can fly in assumed forms which have wings.) Other draconic properties remain intact. However, the illness is contagious, and heavily stigmatized (to the point where dragons, and shrens, do not consider shrens to be dragons). Contagion occurs when a shren (either one with the condition congentially, or which acquired it later) occupies its natural form within 200' of a dragon also in its natural form. The disease is not communicable from or to any other shape.

However, baby shrens, like healthy baby dragons, cannot shapeshift, so they are contagious for the first two decades of life. Accordingly, they are usually fostered by institutions called shren houses which are expressly designed for this purpose. About half of them are picked up by their parents when they have learned to shapeshift. Some are not, and the shren houses raise abandoned shren children to adulthood and often house adult shrens too, who typically run the institutions. There are four shren houses in Elcenia: one in Paraasilan, Esmaar, one in Kep Island, Petar, one in Tenebirokalamikikek (for violet-groups exclusively), and one in Lathasi, Corenta.

Shrens vary in color as dragons do.

The following characters arehatched as shrens: