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Miklarsernet phyrsanidoharthuem litanhavlulravit linhzeiza
Silver dragon
Hatched on Pehahel 37 of 10501 in Sendal, Mekand, Elcenia. As of 11252, Miklar lives in Lan Quero, Tava, Elcenia.
Immediate Family: Phyrna (mother), Sernet (father), Prathu (younger brother), Ehail (younger sister), Erili Lonna (wife, deceased), Attan (son), Gahav (son), Tialinh (wife), Nivah and Aji (daughters)

Miklar grew up in Mekand with his family, but as an adult moved to Tava and studied witchcraft.

Miklar has three forms learned out of his maximum of ten: a human, a halfling of apparent Rimdweller ethnicity (pictured), and a bat.