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Sernetkaber andifaruneshimalibeiru shandikathifelisento phytarsosashim, "Sernet"
SUR-net KAY-bur
Blue opal dragon
Hatched on the spring equinox of 9463 in Spen, Ekanedae, Elcenia. As of 11252, Sernet lives in Codess, Mekand, Elcenia.
Immediate Family (partial list): Dashenkaber (father), Iqualysta (mother), Phyrnahiral (wife), Miklarsernet (son), Prathukaber (son), Ehail (daughter)

Sernet grew up and spent his early adulthood in various residences on Anaist. In 10497, he married Phyrna.

Sernet has four alternate forms: a human form of apparent Coastal ethnicity (pictured), a crow, a porpoise, and a raccoon.