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Copper shren
Hatched on Komehel 50 of 10892 on Kep Island, Petar, Elcenia. As of 11252, Hallai still lives on Kep Island.
Immediate Family: Not in contact.

Hallai was sent to the Kep Island, Petar shren house as an egg. She was not retrieved by her parents and grew up in the house. As an adult, she took on the job of house projector, which entails monitoring and subduing dangerously negative emotions among the residents with her empathic powers.

Hallai has learned twothree of her maximum five forms: a human form of apparent Petaran ethnicity (pictured), a lion, and a goshawk.

In addition to the above immediate family relationships, Hallai is Ilen's girlfriend.

Hallai is a main character in Empaths.