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Emerald shren
Hatched on Komehel 11 of 11206 in Paraasilan, Esmaar, Elcenia. As of 11252, Apran still lives there.lives in Tyren, Aristan, Barashi.
Immediate Family: Not in contact.Askaelirai (egg mother), Nillonmarteth (egg father), Aluelirai (egg sister), Ryll (adoptive mother), Lerrel (adoptive father), Tyrrel (adoptive brother), Garyn (adoptive brother), Leyf (adoptive brother), Sel (adoptive sister), Vianne (adoptive sister), Taala (adoptive sister)

Apran was left in the Lator Shren House and was not picked up by his parents upon learning to shift. Ryll and Lerrel Rysen later adopted him, along with Taala.

Apran has twothree alternate forms: a human of apparent Mekandish ethnicity (pictured), and a parrotlet, and a grass snake.