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Turquoise shren
Hatched on Sutaahel 12 of 9374 in Paraasilan, Esmaar, Elcenia. As of 11251, Jensal still lives in Paraasilan
Immediate Family: Not in contact

Jensal was mailed as an egg to the Paraasilan, Esmaar shren house. She was not picked up by her parents, and was cared for by resident staff members as a child and continued to live in the house as an adult. She performed several tasks for the house, including caring for the infant shrens, teaching classes on assorted subjects to the older children, running errands in town, and operating the house library. In 10403, she inherited the job of the prior administrator of the house, who got married and moved out. She has retained this job since.

Jensal has learned twothree forms out of her maximum of ten: a human of apparent Esmaarlan ethnicity (pictured), a springbok, and a peregrine falcon.

Jensal is a secondary character in Summons.