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Range: Sprites are native to Elcenia. They live on all continents except Nanela.
Lifespan: 18 Elcenian years (13 Barashin years)

Sprites are 1"-1.5" tall bee-winged, four-armed humanoids. They have black and yellow striping on their bodies, and most of them have dense fuzz. Stingers protrude from their rears; some varieties die after using these on large targets such as birds or mammals. Sprites cannot use vocal language (and therefore are incapable of wizardry); they communicate through any of several full-body sign languages which resemble dancing. Most of them live in large hives, each headed by a queen who lays all of the eggs. Neuter females compose most of the rest of the population and do other work; semi-sapient, shorter-lived males exist in the hives for breeding purposes. Sprites eat honey, which they make themselves out of nectar and pollen; sometimes they consume other plant matter like flower petals. In many locales they have driven bees extinct.

Sprites rarely interact with larger species, but sometimes form trade relationships with fairies. As a general rule they don't care for pixies, who have been known to eat sprites, and only interact with them through fairy intermediaries.

Sprites identify with their hives more than anything else, but it is possible to separate major clusters of hives with similar genes, and these clusters share some habits and morphological features. These are labeled by the sprite terms as summarized in translation:

  • Six-step: Found in southwestern Esmaar and northern Saraan. Fuzzier bodies and thicker limbs than most sprites.
  • Twist-kick: Exclusive to Mekand. Demonstrate unusual hibernation patterns and build more elaborate structures than other groups.
  • Flutter-hop-clap: Northeastern Anaist. Less unintegrated with non-fey societies. Darker colors.
  • Turn-turn-bow: Western Anaist. Closely allied with local fairies. Brightly colored.
  • Heel-toe-wave: Southern Espaal. Rarely interact with other species, even fey. Can always sting without dying.
  • Jump-crouch-stomp: Southeastern Anaist. Produce enough excess honey to sell it, and have significant economic (but not social or political) participation in nearby nonfey cultures. Invariably die after stinging anything non-insectile.
  • Buzz-run: Central Anaist and parts of Baveria up to the coast. Long antennae.
  • Wobble-flap: Petar mainland and Criin. Male sprites of this group have more autonomy and personal freedom than most others, and have less sexual dimorphism.
  • Tiptoe: Aqathe and Petaran outlying islands. Form unusually small hives. Larger individual size.
  • Tap-step-tap: Erubia, its islands, and Baveria's islands. Form larger hives than other groups, and are unusually willing to live in urban areas. Thin fuzz; some individuals have no fuzz at all.
  • Flytwirl: Egeria, Imminthal, and Koyapar. The only non-hive-based sprite group, Flytwirl sprites lead solitary lives and come together only to mate.