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Kaylobesaynmorenshonenkim, "Kaylo"
KAY-low beh-SANE moh-REN-shoo-nen-KIM

Garnet dragon
Hatched on Pehahel 2 of 11088 in Emsa, Corenta, Elcenia. As of 11251, Kaylo lives at school in Paraasilan, Esmaar, Elcenia.
Immediate Family: Ua (deceased mother), Zenath (deceased father)

Kaylo grew up with his parents in Emsa. They were killed in a scoot accident in 11180. Kaylo was sent to live with his father's sister Mijja, but got along with her poorly and managed to spend much of his time with other relatives. In 11239, he enrolled in Binaaralav Academy and began studying wizardry. He is taking his education slowly, as Mijja is obliged by his parents' will to support him only so long as he remains in school. When Rhysel started a kamai program at Binaaralav, Kaylo was one of the first to sign up.

Kaylo has learned one form out of his maximum of five, a human form of apparent Coastal ethnicity (pictured).

In addition to the immediate family relationships listed above, Kaylo is Korulen's boyfriend.

Kaylo is a secondary character in Blood.