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Aaeeihhyleekatheeei Hhirheek, "Leekath"
LEE-kath KHIHR-eek

White Line vampire
Born on Shuraahel-for of 11237 in Mifaar, Esmaar, Elcenia. As of 11251, Leekath still lives in Mifaar, but attends school in Paraasilan, Esmaar, Elcenia.
Immediate Family: Thiies (father, "aaihhhi"), Kheeeahh (father, "fheeil"), Iilha (sister), Khi (brother), Emryl (blood-sister)

Leekath grew up in Mifaar with her parents, siblings, and extended family (Kheeeahh's side). In 11245, she enrolled at Binaaralav Academy and began studying wizardry. In 11251, she also began taking occasional lessons with Revenn until his death.

Leekath is a hearer.

In addition to the above immediate family relationships, Leekath is Talyn's girlfriendfiancée.

Leekath is a main character in Blood.