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Range: Trogs are native to Barashi. They primarily live in the same locations as their parent species, trolls and goblins.
Lifespan: 437 Elcenian years (320 Barashin years)

Trogs are the result of first-generation crosses between trolls and goblins. (A trog having children with either parent species will produce indistinguishable members of the other parent's species; two trogs may have a second-generation trog (60% chance), or an indistinguishable troll or goblin (20% each). Second-generation trogs are very rare.) Unlike either parents species, they are scaled; these scales are usually the same color as the parent troll's but with more variation in exact shade. Their ears are placed in the same position on the head as troll ears, and are as narrow, but have the pointed shape of goblin ears. Otherwise, they are an even mix of the features of trolls and goblins.

The puzzle-oriented nature of goblins and the war-focused nature of trolls are both sharply weakened in the cross, and trogs have a deserved reputation for being even-tempered and good diplomats. They are more likely to live in goblin civilizations than with troll clans, although either is possible. Trogs are quite uncommon worldwide, although they crop up with some regularity in areas where troll clans live closely alongside goblin communities. They generally know Trollspeak and at least one goblin language.

Because trogs are nearly always first-generation crosses, they have no discernible ethnic groups of their own; each is a mix of the parent species. They tend to share the color of the troll parent and may identify themselves according to the corresponding troll group, or the goblin parent's biome (or both).

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