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Range: Goblins are native to Barashi. They primarily live in Kyne and Psahry.
Lifespan: 273 Elcenian years (200 Barashin years)

Goblins range from five to seven feet tall (women a little taller than men) and weigh 130-200 lbs. They have triangular, semi-mobile ears positioned high on their heads. They have sparse body hair, consistent on all parts of the body except the scalp, where they have thicker hair. Goblins have large, slit-pupiled eyes and broad, flat noses.

Goblins are almost universally intrigued by puzzles and mysteries, and will ponder and work on them for hours. They tend to build such things into everything about their lives: goblin cities are laid out like mazes, their conversations normally unfold like games with hidden rules, and their educational systems are designed to reward students for cleverly circumventing the stated tasks just as much as performing them as asked. It is generally agreed that goblins are constitutionally incapable of experiencing frustration with a difficult puzzle.

Goblins appear in the following biomes, with corresponding physiological differences:

  • Mountain: Hardy and strong. Smaller eyes and ears.
  • Forest: Gracile and shorter than other goblins. Most common biome-group.
  • Swamp: Broad and tough. Large ears, hands, and feet.
  • Cave: Smaller than other goblins, and compact. Larger eyes.