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Range: Skyfolk are native to Elcenia. They live all over the world.
Lifespan: 110 Elcenian years (80 Barashin years)

Skyfolk are winged, birdlike humanoids, with clawed feet and hands. They can all fly, but otherwise vary physically nearly as much as birds do; the shortest skyfolk are shy of 4' tall and the tallest can exceed 8'. All of them are light for their size. They grow a little faster than humans, but enjoy a longer adulthood and longer total lifespan. Skyfolk hatch out of eggs, which are normally laid in clutches of two to five. Parents marry monogamously or in complex polyamorous networks, depending on the culture, and do cooperatively nurture their young. All skyfolk can live on an omnivorous diet, but there are strong preferences along ethnic lines for certain types of food, often obeyed to the exclusion of any other nourishment.

Skyfolk sometimes integrate with other local populations. They also have two civilizations of their own that can be reasonably referred to as countries, the Snow Nation and Sacred Shore. (These are not marked on political maps of Elcenia because they are coextensive with other territories in much the same way that fey societies are.) More often, they form enclaves that are legally part of another country but culturally distinct.

Skyfolk include the following notable ethnic subgroups, which may not be exhaustive but jointly constitute the majority of the population:

  • Ice: Nanela, predominantly in Mryne but sometimes spilling into Nirlan, Pleia, and worlfrider territory. Ice skyfolk have their own nation of sorts, which is migratory and has no clearly defined borders. Ice skyfolk are white; some have gray speckles, brown heads, or both. Their beaks are slightly hooked and sharp, and they have feathers all down their legs unlike all other types of skyfolk. They prefer to eat meat.
  • Ocean: Coastal Anaist, especially Ertydo, and small islands in Maiiv. Most, but not all, are part of the country Sacred Shore. Various shades of brown, gray, and white, often with black markings. Ocean skyfolk are the tallest group, with long necks and feet, long narrow beaks. They prefer to eat fish and shellfish.
  • Song: Inland Anaist. Compact shapes; miscellaneous drab colors (thickly marked) with occasional red, yellow, blue, and other bright hues seen in males. Short beaks which vary in thickness. Shortest skyfolk. They prefer to eat fruits, nuts, and seeds, with occasional insects.
  • Bright: Tropics and southern Anaist. Bright, showy colors in both genders, assorted patterning; large heads and large, powerful beaks; many have long tails; sometimes crests. They prefer to eat fruits and seeds.
  • Razor: Espaal, especially Iraam. Various mixtures of brown, black, white and offwhite, and gray, often with different colors on the back and belly. Powerful talons, sharp beaks, and the fastest flight speed of any skyfolk. They prefer to eat meat.