Fey Societies
Continent: Various, Elcenia
Capital City: Not applicable

Fey (meaning fairies and pixies) most often live within the territories of other nations, often in parks or other natural preserves, which they are not inclined to disturb with large amounts of visible construction. They take up little space per capita and may provide some services or do some resource extraction on behalf of the host government. Rarely are they extended citizenship by the host government even if they meet the ostensible conditions (e.g. having been born there).

Fey are disposed to informal specialization-based societies where responsibilities accrue to whoever is best equipped to handle them by local processes, rather than to a centralized power center that then delegates. However, monarchies and republics also exist among them. Some societies are highly segregated or stratified along ethnic, caste, or other lines; others are more egalitarian.