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Range: Dwarves are native to Elcenia. They primarily live in Pleia and Mryne, Oridaan and Imilaat, and various parts of Anaist.
Lifespan: 250 Elcenian years (186 Barashin years)

Dwarves range from 3' to 4'6" tall and have thick, stocky builds that mean they often weigh as much as or more than humans. They age 2.5 times slower than humans (only a little faster than elves). They live in various types of societies throughout the world, but as a species, they lack the strong interest in ready access to open air and natural light common to many others, so they are reasonably likely to form underground civilizations when that is convenient.

Dwarves are very strongly inclined to monogamy, compared to other Elcenian sapient species: they virtually never practice other relationship styles, tend not to court many partners before finally settling on one, rarely divorce, and almost never remarry even if widowed. Spouses and children aside, they tend to prefer privacy, and are unlikely to voluntarily live in domiciles containing more than just their nuclear family (with siblings always having space to be apart from each other).

Dwarves include the following notable ethnic subgroups, which may not be exhaustive but jointly constitute the majority of the population:

  • Edge: Nanela, especially Pleia; some representation in Mekand. Pale skin; blonde or red hair (straight); brown or green eyes.
  • Center: Anaist and Moyet. Light brown skin; black hair (thick, coarse, straight); purple or blue eyes.
  • Corner: Oridaan, Imilaat, and Iraam. Dark to medium brown skin; white or gray hair (curly); black eyes.