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Elcenian Dates and Times

Elcenian standard dating counts years from the ascent of the Erthyo Empire, since fallen; at the beginning of Summons, the year is 11251. Each year is 412 days long, and contains eight months and not quite 59 seven-day weeks. The months are called Shuraahel, Berehel, Pehahel, Rohel, Komehel, Sutaahel, Marahel and Nidhel. The days of the week are Inen, Arnen, Saanen, Sinen, Fenen, Lunen, and Chenen. (See translation notes for more on why these names are used.)

Each month contains 50 numbered days. Then, there follows an unnumbered day which is called [preceding month]-for, e.g. Nidhel 50 is followed by Nidhel-for, which does not have a numbered date. Shuraahel-for, Pehahel-for, Komehel-for, and Marahel-for are respectively followed by the vernal equinox, the aestival solstice, the autumnal equinox, and the hiemal solstice. These dates are also not numbered. However, -for days and solstices/equinoxes do have days of the week, which proceed independently.

An Elcenian day contains twenty-five angles, which each contain twenty-five degrees, which each contain twenty-five ticks. A tick contains five splits. Also used (as an informal unit worldwide) is the "pent", a five-angle period comprising one fifth of the day.

Elcenians count time beginning at the moment of dawn on each year's summer solstice. That time is "naught-and-same". The format is [ordinal angle]-and-[degrees since angle turn], but the number of degrees is often substituted with "same" if the degrees and angle are the same number, or omitted if the number of degrees is very low. More precise timekeeping is rare for casual purposes. Noon falls circa sixth-and-naught, dusk circa twelfth-and-same, and midnight at almost nineteenth-and-naught.

Elcenian Time Earth Time (Approximate) Barashin Time
1 Elcenian year 372 Earth days, 12 hours, 58 minutes, 20 seconds 471 Barashin days, 7 divisions, 15 subdivisions, 8 slices
1 Elcenian day 21 hours, 42 minutes, 5 seconds 1 Barashin day, 2 divisions, 4 subdivisions, 62 slices
1 angle 52 minutes, 5 seconds 11 subs, 46 slices
1 degree 2 minutes, 5 seconds 30 slices
1 tick 5 seconds 4.8 fragments
1 split 1 second .96 fragments
566 days, 12 angles, 9 degrees 488 days, 1 hour, 39 minutes, 44 seconds 1 Barashin year
21 angles, 24 degrees, 19 ticks 18 hours, 12 minutes, 16 seconds 1 Barashin day
1 angle, 9 degrees, 3 ticks 1 hour, 8 minutes, 16 seconds 1 division
2 degrees, 3 ticks, 1.6 splits 4 minutes, 16 seconds 1 subdivision
4.2 splits 4 seconds 1 slice
1.0413 splits 1 second 1 fragment

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