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Barashin Dates and Times

Barashin standard dating counts years from the end of the God Wars; at the beginning of Summons, the year is 24868. Each year is 644 days long and contains sixteen months and sixty-four ten-day weeks. The months are called Sykevest, Pyrkevest, Penkevest, Pokevest, Sygorest, Pyrgorest, Pengorest, Pogorest, Sykumest, Pyrkumest, Penkumest, Pokumest, Symaesest, Pyrmaesest, Penmaesest, and Poemaesest. The days of the week (also called a "tenday") are Ruden, Vaden, Treden, Cheden, Pyden, Seden, Semden, Voden, Evden, and Desden. (See translation notes for more on why these names are used.)

Each month contains 40 numbered days. Sykevest, Sygorest, Sykumest, and Symaesest are each preceded by an unnumbered Ascendancy Day (Kevia, Gorath, Kumeri, and Maeus, respectively). Ascendancy Days do not have a day of the week - Pokevest 40, Desden, is followed by Gorath's Ascendancy Day, is followed by Sygormest 1, Ruden. This means that the days of the week are the same on every date each year.

A Barashin day contains sixteen divisions, which each contain sixteen subdivisions, which each contain sixty-four slices, which each contain four fragments. (Divisions and subdivisions are shortened to "divs" and "subs" informally.) Also used (as an informal unit worldwide and as a subsitute marker of time in some locales) is the "square", a four-sub period.

Barashins count time beginning at midnight each day. Midnight is "zero". The format is [full divisions since midnight]-[subs since division turn]. Barashins do not routinely have access to timekeeping more precise than that; the use of slices and fragments is mostly reserved for scientific measurements. Noon falls at eight-zero, and dusk circa twelve-zero (or, if counting squares instead of divs and subs, noon is thirty-two and dusk is forty-eight).

Elcenian Time Earth Time (Approximate) Barashin Time
1 Elcenian year 372 Earth days, 12 hours, 58 minutes, 20 seconds 471 Barashin days, 7 divisions, 15 subdivisions, 8 slices
1 Elcenian day 21 hours, 42 minutes, 5 seconds 1 Barashin day, 2 divisions, 4 subdivisions, 62 slices
1 angle 52 minutes, 5 seconds 11 subs, 46 slices
1 degree 2 minutes, 5 seconds 30 slices
1 tick 5 seconds 4.8 fragments
1 split 1 second .96 fragments
566 days, 12 angles, 9 degrees 488 days, 1 hour, 39 minutes, 44 seconds 1 Barashin year
21 angles, 24 degrees, 19 ticks 18 hours, 12 minutes, 16 seconds 1 Barashin day
1 angle, 9 degrees, 3 ticks 1 hour, 8 minutes, 16 seconds 1 division
2 degrees, 3 ticks, 1.6 splits 4 minutes, 16 seconds 1 subdivision
4.2 splits 4 seconds 1 slice
1.0413 splits 1 second 1 fragment

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