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Barashin Fairy
Range: Fairies are native to Barashi. They primarily live in Luyt and Kesiya-lath, with some representatives on Kyne.
Lifespan: 3414 Elcenian years (2,500 Barashin years)

This article is about the Barashin species. For the Elcenian species of the same name, see Elcenian fairy.

Barashin fairies are feather-winged humanoids, typically 2-2.5' tall and averaging between 30-40lbs. (men a little taller and heavier than women). They can walk and fly beginning at just a few months of age, but otherwise age slower than most Barashin species, reaching adulthood at 40 (Barashin) years). Fairy feathers are semi-transparent, especially the rachis, and if anything (disease or injury) happens to a fairy after the age at which it would normally be able to fly such that it cannot, the affected wing(s) fill with extra blood and the feathers appear reddish.

Fairies mostly speak Eashiri, although less common regional languages are also spoken. They are very likely to learn several languages. They are stereotyped - not unjustly - as being obsessed with history and accurate recordkeeping; the humblest fairy store will have detailed books containing accounts of its activities, customer base, wholesale purchases, etc. throughout the store's lifespan, to say nothing of their libraries and academic archives.

Barashin fairies include three large ethnic subgroups. There are many smaller groups, and fairies are unusually likely to mix ethnicities relative to other Barshin species, but these three groups still comprise the majority of the fairy population:

  • Kesiyan: Native to Kesiya-lath. Golden-brown skin; bright or dark blonde hair (thick and often curly); gold or brown eyes; gold or tawny wings.
  • Mainland: Native to Kyne. Pale skin; dark brown or black hair; black or dark blue eyes; black or dark blue wings.
  • Vereshyn: Native to miscellaneous islands; well-represented on Luyt. Medium-brown skin; white hair (straight); green or hazel eyes; white wings.