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Barashin Dragon
Range: Dragons are native to Barashi. They live on all continents, generally in and around mountain ranges.
Lifespan: 4,096 Elcenian years (3,000 Barashin years)

This article is about the Barashin species. For the Elcenian species of the same name, see Elcenian dragons.

Barashin dragons are 10-15 feet long, nose to tail, when hatched. They continue growing throughout their lives, although they slow down dramatically at about age 300 (at which age they normally attain an average length of 400 feet). Some live solitary lives, particularly the wyrm phenotype, but it is more common for them to live together in "conclaves" of 20-600 dragons. They virtually never interact on a regular basis with non-dragons, although some select individuals and conclaves will tolerate visitors.

Dragons have several languages of their own, but usually pick up at least one of the three major Barashin tongues (Martisen, Eashiri, or Trollspeak), whichever is or are most common to whoever they live near. They have a tradition of kamai which, while based on the same underlying principles as that used by other Barashin species, has more of a focus on weather magic and group rituals. They also keep records by shaping stone surfaces into words and symbols. Dragons were not involved in the kyma purge and nearly half of them can use magic.

Dragons come in five markedly different phenotypes which, while interfertile and capable of producing miscellaneous hybrid forms, rarely interbreed:

  • Horned: Native to Kyne. Standard dragon body plan, with a spiked frill behind the head, three rows of spikes down the body, spurs on each leg, spikes on the tail, and three sets of horns. Come in red, green, blue, and black; seldom mottled but may mottle in two or three colors.
  • Plated: Native to Trysterra. Standard dragon body plan; scales fuse into tough armored plates covering much of the dragon's surface like armor. Come in gray, black, brown, and red; occasionally mottled with two colors but never three.
  • Salamander: Native to Psahry. Resemble giant winged salamanders with pebble-scaled skin. Come in orange, red, black, and mottlings of those colors.
  • Wyrm: Native to Kesiya-lath. Long, serpentine bodies and narrow wings. Come in red, green, and blue; rarely mottled.
  • Wyvern: Native to Luyt. Similar to standard dragon body plan, but with small, weak forefeet and stronger rear feet and wings. Come in brown, green, or grey; often mottled in two or three colors.