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Range: Thudias are a type of half-dragon, found all over the world.
Lifespan: As nondragon parent species.

Thudias are half-dragons. Unlike parunias, the other kind of half-dragon, they are not dragons themselves. In most ways (lifespan and aging rate, appearance, physical capabilities, range of possible personalities, etc.), they are a member of their non-dragon parent's species. In addition, however, they have an alternate form (which they learn to assume during early childhood). This alternate form is a midget version of their dragon parent's species, which reaches its maximum size of 10' long during the thudia's adolescence. These small dragon forms can fly, and breathe fire of the relevant color, but otherwise thudias do not possess dragon magic of any kind.

Thudias typically bear strong resemblances to their non-dragon parents, but also may share some features with their dragon parent's form of the same species. Even if the dragon does not have a form of the appropriate species, there is some fact of the matter about what he or she would look like if he or she had such a form; thudia children will look like these hypothetical forms. If the thudia's non-dragon parent is a crossbreed (such as a half-elf), and the dragon parent is not capable of adopting the particular crossbreed's form, the parent species may contribute features instead. (In the half-elf case, for instance, the thudia would take strongly after the half-elf parent, but also look a little like his or her dragon parent's elf and human forms.)

In addition to standard, first-generation thudias, there are three thudia-like types of persons: throwbacks, kadias, and elekadias. Throwbacks are the occasional result of a thudia and a non-thudia having a child. About 5% of such children are (functionally) thudias themselves of the thudia parent's color. Kadias are the occasional children of two thudias. All of these have alternate dragon forms. If the thudias are the same color, the kadia child is the same; if they differ, the kadia may take after either (40% chance each), or have two alternate dragon forms, one of each color (20% chance). Kadias with two different dragon forms are called elekadias. Neither throwbacks, kadias, nor elekadias yield any of same when they have children of their own (unless they have said children with a regular thudia, who contributes the chance him or herself).

Thudias do not have ethnic groups of their own. Typically, they take strongly after their nondragon parents and identify as members of the corresponding group, even when they have visible features from the apparent ethnicity of the dragon parent's form of that species. Because they do not have group-specific dragon magic, they rarely identify strongly with their dragon color.

The following characters are thudias: