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Elcenian Elf
Range: Elves are native to Elcenia. They primarily live on Espaal, Anaist, and in the tropics.
Lifespan: 300 Elcenian years (220 Barashin years)

This article is about the Elcenian species. For the Barashin species of the same name, see Barashin elves.

Elves average some six to ten inches shorter than their human neighbors of the same gender (varies with ethnicity), although variance in height is greater in elves than in humans with less gender correlation, and many Western elves in particular are quite tall. They are generally slenderer than humans of the same height. They live in most parts of Elcenia, but are better adapted for warmer weather and so are thinner on the ground in Nanela and Mekand than they are farther south. Elves age three times slower than humans.

There is considerable psychological diversity among elves, but as a species, they are notable for a high average mood and energy level, rarely suffering from depressive disorders or lethargy compared to rates of same in other species. They also enjoy improved speed and hearing relative to (comparably practiced) humans, although they are frailer and weaker.

Elves include the following notable ethnic subgroups, which may not be exhaustive but jointly constitute the majority of the population:

  • Western: Espaal, especially Esmaar. Pale skin; blonde or light brown hair (straight or loosely waved); grey, light blue, green, or hazel eyes. By far the tallest elves.
  • Eastern: Throughout Anaist, especially Aveha, Baveria, Pra Verian, Larotia, and Rannde. Light to medium-brown skin, brown or silvery-white hair (wavy); purple, dark blue, or occasionally red eyes.
  • Southern: Tropics, especially Erubia and Criin, and parts of southern Anaist. Dark brown skin; black, gray, or white hair (straight and stiff); gold, amber, red, or brown eyes. Shortest elf ethnicity.

The following characters are elves: