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Sorcery is present in about 2% of the Elcenian population and manifests at roughly the equivalent of a human's age 4. Sorcerers have an awareness of the (inanimate only) objects around them, and can move them telekinetically with no significant effort. They cannot usually move the objects at high speed, and many find that they have weight limits, but this varies individually. There is no limit to how many objects a sorcerer may hover at one time, but the number he or she can move around is limited by his or her ability to concentrate on them, and losing focus on an object will cause it to stop in place. Sorcerers cannot affect anything more than 40'-50' away, but can operate through physical barriers and don't need to see what they're doing.

Wolves and dragons do not produce sorcerers. Other species, regions, and families have higher or lower incidences of the ability.