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Range: Spirits are native to Barashi. They live in key locations all over the world.
Lifespan: Immortal

Spirits are sentient repositories of kamai power, tappable by mortal kyma at their locations. They can perform independent kamai, but only on behalf of a mortal who has made a prior arrangement with them to do so; they don't have motivations of their own to act on. There are a total of sixty-four spirits throughout Barashi, and each has up to two dozen locations at which it can manifest, speak, and be drawn from. They have no physical form, but each can project a visible illusion of a different animal appropriate to its element(s).

Spirits speak all languages appropriate to the mortals near their locations, but do not speak all languages the way gods or Elcenian dragons can.

Spirits have different elemental ties: each is associated with one or two classical elements.

  • Earth spirits are most often found in caves.
  • Air spirits are found in high places, such as the tops of mountains, and can also be accessed in midair.
  • Fire spirits are often located near places with geothermal activity.
  • Water spirits are found in and around oceans, lakes, and rivers.
  • Earth and Air: Dust spirits are most commonly found in deserts.
  • Earth and Fire: Magma spirits are found close to active volcanoes.
  • Earth and Water: Sand spirits are found close to shorelines.
  • Air and Fire: Lightning spirits are found exclusively in midair.
  • Air and Water: Ice spirits are found in glaciers, icebergs, and permanently frozen mountain peaks.
  • Fire and Water: Steam spirits are found near underwater geothermal vents and marine volcanoes.