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Eresti Elirte
eh-RES-tee eh-LUR-tay
Eastern elf blue opal thudia
Born on Nidhel 34 of 11128 in Lypan, Reverni, Elcenia. As of 11252, Eresti still lives in Reverni.
Immediate Family: Prathu (father), Izaln (father), Sashpark (half-sister), Feln (twin sister), Mialn (wife), Brennde (daughter), Valli (daughter)

Eresti was born in Lypan, carried by his aunt (Izaln's sister) with his twin Feln. He has lived in Lypan his entire life and edits an encyclopedia for a living. In 11215 he married Mialn, an elf; Brennde was born in 11226 and Valli in 11230.