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Range: Pixies are native to Elcenia. They live on all continents except Nanela.
Lifespan: 28 Elcenian years (19 Barashin years)

Pixies are 4"-5" tall, four-armed dragonfly-winged humanoids with long, slender "tails" (elongated abdomens). They have antennae and exoskeletons (with joints on their limbs). After hatching from a tiny underwater-laid egg (out of a batch of a couple dozen), they spend one or two years in a wingless aquatic larval stage called a "nymph", repeatedly molting and gradually metamorphosing into an adult form that is ready to leave the water. Most nymphs do not make it to that age due to predation or other factors. Pixies do not become physical adults with much in the way of skills, even language skills, and so pixie cultures have various periods of "adolescence" in which the physically adult fey remains a social child until such skills are developed.

Pixies may choose different mates each year, and don't form romantic partnerships. They acknowledge their parents when these are known, and likewise with siblings, but don't assign importance to finding the relevant people if they don't already know them. Personal relationships among pixies are more likely to be based on the sharing of useful information, and they sometimes form what look like parent-child relationships between older and younger pixies where the latter learned from the former after coming out of the water, and sibling-like relationships when two of similar ages help each other learn things.

Pixies eat an insectivorous diet, preferring flies, bees, ants, and similar creatures. (Nymphs eat aquatic insects.) Some cultures of pixies have even been known to eat sprites.

Along with fairies, pixies form societies of their own alongside neighboring civilizations belonging to larger species. They share a wizarding tradition with fairies that is substantially different from the one used by larger races (and requires the possession of four arms to learn fully). Pixies also use witchcraft, although this practice bears a greater resemblance to its human et. al. counterpart.

Pixies include the following notable ethnic subgroups, which may not be exhaustive but jointly constitute the majority of the population:

  • Azure: Coastal Imilaat. Bright blue.
  • Chaser: Iraam and northern Imilaat. Fastest-flying fey. Black, white, or any shade of gray, sometimes with brown markings.
  • Grand: West coast of Anaist. Largest fey. Any shade of blue, or white.
  • Jewel: Petar and nearby islands. Bright jewel tones (red, purple, green, blue, orange).
  • Lavender: Oridaan and southern Iraam. Pale purple, sometimes pink.
  • Little: Erubia and its environs. Dark green, gold, or both.
  • Longtail: Northern Espaal. Various shades of brown. Elongated abdomen.
  • Scarlet: Southern Ebrene, Moyet, Imminthal, and northern Egeria. Brilliant red.
  • Skybright: Northeastern Anaist. Sky blue with white speckles.
  • Streamer: Aveha and southern Reverni. Bright red with blue stripes along the body.
  • Stripe: Egeria and southern islands of Koyapar. Black, with horizontal crossing the body in any color.
  • Sundot: Northern Anaist, southern Mekand. Bright yellow or orange, with red spots.
  • Teal: Southeastern Anaist. Blue and green in various shades.
  • Threadtail: Drast, Orzon, and environs. Desaturated shades of purple, blue, brown, or green.