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Range: Halflings are native to Elcenia. They live on all continents.
Lifespan: 150 Elcenian years (110 Barashin years)

Halflings typically range from 2'4" to 3' tall and 35-45 lbs. (men a little taller and heavier than women). They are humanoid, with pointed ears, and in fact look much like miniature half- or quarter-elves. They live all over Elcenia, and while they can function adequately in cultures designed for taller folk given reasonable accommodations, they form the principal population of several countries arranged to suit them more specifically. Halflings age one and a half times slower than humans.

By and large, halflings are not prone to extremism of creed or behavior. They may hold a wide variety of opinions, but do not share the tendency of some other species to compete with each other to express these beliefs more stridently or with more credible passion, let alone to prove it with more extravagant deeds. (This does not, in practice, make groups of halflings less prone to war; they simply fight over more concrete things such as borders, resources, or even revenge, rather than abstract ideologies.) In times of stress or emergency, halflings are natively prone to defer to local authorities (heads of families, political or religious officials, etc.), however rebellious they may feel during calmer moments, but individuals inclined to fight this tendency can do so.

Halflings include the following notable ethnic subgroups, which may not be exhaustive but jointly constitute the majority of the population:

  • Hearth: Principal occupants of Tava and Gibryel. Pale skin; blonde, white, or light brown hair (ringlets or curls); light blue eyes.
  • Koyakoya: Principal occupants of Koyapar. Brown skin; blonde or red hair (coarse and wavy); gold or amber eyes (epicanthal folds).
  • Rimdweller: Principal occupants of Kervaite. Dark blue skin; black hair (wooly); black eyes.
  • Scattered Island: Originally from an island near Moyet that was destroyed by lifire. Survivors resettled and have descendant populations in Imilaat, Tava, Erubia, and Koyapar, among others. Dark brown skin; black hair (curly); green eyes. Shortest halfling group.
  • Shipboard: Primarily occupy boats in most oceans, especially Maiiv, Ouun, Zuq, and Eem; land settlements on the coasts of Nirlan, Ertydo, Aveha, Gibryel, Egeria, and Koyapar. Black skin; white or gray hair (wavy); brown eyes (epicanthal folds).
  • Valley: Principal occupants of Nirlan, significant population in Esmaar, some representation in Mryne. Light brown skin; brown hair (straight); brown eyes. Tallest halfling group.

The following characters are halflings: