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Barashin Human
Range: Humans are native to Barashi. (For the similar species native to Elcenia, see Elcenian humans.) They primarily live on Kyne, Trysterra, and Luyt.
Lifespan: 137 Elcenian years (100 Barashin years)

This article is about the Barashin species. For the Elcenian species of the same name, see Elcenian human.

Barashin humans can interbreed with elves (producing halfbloods) and halfbloods (producing more halfbloods), but not, as a general rule, with other species. They are culturally diverse and generally have more in common with their neighbors of whatever species than they do with far-flung conspecifics. Most humans speak Martisen or Eashiri, although less popular languages are also spoken in some communities.

Barashin humans include the following notable ethnic subgroups, which may not be exhaustive but jointly constitute the majority of the population:

  • Apaylan: Native to Trysterra. Pale or light tan skin; black hair (invariably straight); brown eyes (epicanthal folds).
  • Bysharrel: Native to Kyne. Dark brown skin; black hair (usually wooly); black or brown eyes.
  • Dayran: Native to Trysterra. Brown skin (various shades); black hair (thick and straight); black or green eyes.
  • Highland: Native to Kyne. Pale or light tan skin; blonde or red hair (usually straight or wavy); green, blue, hazel, or grey eyes.
  • Luytian: Native to Luyt. Dark tan to light brown skin; black to dark brown/reddish brown hair (straight); gold, hazel, or brown eyes.
  • Malterian: Native to Kyne. Extremely pale skin; black hair (usually straight); black eyes.
  • Penninsular: Native to Kyne, especially near Korsyca. Dark tan skin; dark brown hair (usually curly); brown eyes.
  • Tynarran: Native to Trysterra. Dark tan to light brown skin; black hair (often wavy); blue or brown eyes (epicanthal folds).

The following characters are Barashin humans:

  • Corvan (Malterian)
  • Tem (Highland) (pictured)

The following characters have a Barashin human for a parent: